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Common Core and the Role of Speech and Language Skills

The purpose of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) is to ensure college and career readiness for all students nationwide. But this raises two questions: how is readiness defined, and how do we help every student get there? A Portrait of College and Career Readiness According to the CCSS website, students who are prepared for […]

Changing Minds Webinar Recap: “The Autistic Brain” with Dr. Temple Grandin

Last week, thousands of special education administrators, educators, and parents joined PresenceLearning for its inaugural “Changing Minds” webinar, featuring autism expert Dr. Temple Grandin. During “The Autistic Brain” webinar, Dr. Grandin provided expert insight, practical ideas and personal stories to help special education leaders better understand the specific needs of students with autism. Dr. Grandin […]

SPEDcast Recap: “5 Surprising Cases for Online Therapy”

As more research shows the effectiveness of online speech therapy, special educators and therapists are finding that it can also be used across a wide-range of special needs cases including those with severe disabilities. During our recent 30-minute SPEDcast, senior PresenceLearning therapists discussed their personal experiences in providing online speech and occupational therapy to students […]

Beyond Videoconferencing: Characteristics of High Quality Online Therapy

When Special Education Directors, district leaders and educators think about online therapy (also known as teletherapy or telehealth), technologies like Skype or Oovoo often come to mind. However, videoconferencing technology is just one of many factors comprising high quality teletherapy that has consequences for students, parents, speech-language pathologists (SLPs), occupational therapists (OTs) and school districts. […]

Persuading Parents and Students to Switch to Online Therapy

Implementing online speech therapy takes more than assessing school budgets and determining logistics. In order for the program to be successful, parents and students also need to buy in. Their two main concerns are typically whether students can have the same interaction with an online speech language pathologist (SLP) as they do in-person, and whether […]

“Online Assessments – MISSION: Possible!”

When schools have issues providing therapy services, whether because of staffing issues, scheduling issues, high caseloads, geographic issues, or other reasons, PresenceLearning steps in to help with its online speech therapy services. One significant challenge that schools face is simply having the bandwidth to assess students, a time-consuming process. During a yearlong pilot with both […]

Telepractice: Creating Access for Rural Districts

ADVANCE for Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists featured an article about telepractice in its June issue. The article discussed how underserved areas are using telepractice to help treat stuttering. To read the article in its entirety, view the digital issue here. The ability for telepractice to connect students in need of services with far-away experts made […]

Breaking from Convention—The Online SLP

While many speech-language pathologists (SLPs) find their place working in school settings, others are now discovering the numerous benefits of working remotely and providing their services—live—online. A recent poll of SLPs working online with PresenceLearning, most of whom had worked in schools, revealed that they felt that switching to online delivery has helped them improve […]

The Needs of Students with Hearing Loss: A New Study

The Laurent Clerc National Deaf Education Center at Gallaudet University published a new report, “Critical Needs of Students Who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing: a Public Input Summary,” earlier this month. The report describes the barriers children with hearing loss ages birth to 21 face in the school setting. A total of 775 participants […]

Charter School Online Speech Therapy Gains Momentum

Top 10 Questions About Online Speech Therapy From School Districts (Part 3)

During a recent webinar, a panel of experts answered school district leaders’ questions about online speech therapy such as the research behind it, its actual effectiveness and the practical issues of implementation . Their answers are based on real world experience, published research and the ongoing development of best practices in this emerging field. For […]