What You Get

Summary of PresenceLearning Online Speech Therapy Service

  • Complimentary 10 minute phone consultation
  • Daily, weekly, or monthly sessions. You must sign up for a minimum 1 month of services upon initiation, although we encourage you to sign up for more than one to prevent a delay in services. No sessions will be performed without prior payment.
  • FREE Equipment will be provided ($80 value for full equipment pack)
  • Online assessments available ($400 for full assessment, including equipment)
  • Tech Support available during regular day sessions (M-F, 9-5, all time zones)


  • All sessions must be cancelled at least 24 hours in advance, and may then be rescheduled with no penalty. If not, the session is not to be rescheduled, and will be subtracted from the total number of hours purchased.
  • If you wish to cancel all services within 5 days of first session, all hours will be refunded. We do ask the FREE equipment we provided to be returned to us, but will cover shipping.

PresenceLearning is the leader in live online speech and occupational therapy for K-12 students, school districts, and families of kids with special needs. Serving thousands of students in public, charter and virtual schools across the U.S. and globally, PresenceLearning has shown that online delivery of related services is practical, convenient and highly effective. Contact us for a price quote.