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K-12 School Districts Finding Success & Savings

PresenceLearning has delivered over 450,000 online speech therapy sessions to school districts across the country. From traditional public school districts to virtual and charter school organizations, administrators are discovering that PresenceLearning helps them reach more students with consistent, high-quality speech therapy with lower costs and fewer hassles.

Success Stories

See how school districts have achieved better IEP outcomes with lowered costs

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EdWeek Reprints

  • Whitepaper – “Diverse school district solves SLP shortage and saves money”, a whitepaper sponsored by PresenceLearning featured in Education Week.
  • Reprint – PresenceLearning featured in Education Week: “One-on-One Speech Therapy Goes Digital. When therapists are scarce, some schools turn to online speech lessons.” (Originally published in Education Week, October 12, 2011. Reprinted with permission from Editorial Projects in Education.)