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Success Story: Murray County Schools

When Murray County Schools in Georgia had trouble finding speech-language pathologists, Allison Oxford, Director of Instructional Support Services, decided to try online speech therapy with PresenceLearning. Learn how PresenceLearning has impacted schools, students and families in this district and has helped students achieve their goals.



Live Online Speech Therapy for James

James often substituted “sh” for “ch.” James’ SLP Carey quickly noticed that James was able to make a correct “ch” sound in the final position of words, so she paired final “ch” words (e.g. “peach”) to facilitate production of initial “ch” words (e.g. “peach_chocolate”). He caught on quickly to the live online speech therapy sessions and has now mastered this sound along with other sounds in spontaneous speech.



Jazmin Uses an AAC App to Trick-or-Treat with her SLP, Marcus

Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC) apps like Proloquo2Go help those who cannot speak to communicate using a symbols-based interface. In this clip, Jazmin, a teenager with cerebral palsy, uses this app on her iPad to practice conversing in a Halloween exercise.



SLP Bethany Uses a Variety of Activities to Practice “Th” and “Sk” sounds with Her Student, Caleb

Using activities in PresenceLearning, SLPs can create and customize sessions according to age and IEP goals, and to tie into classroom lessons as well. In this series of videos, Bethany, a PresenceLearning SLP, fully uses the platform to help her student, Caleb, work on the “th” sound as well as practice on “sk.”


Here, Bethany uses the Memory activity and fun sound effects to help Caleb get started to work on the “th.”


Continuing work on “th,” Bethany and Caleb play a few rounds of Go Fish, integrating medial “th” words into a simple sentence.


To further reinforce work on “th,” Bethany customized a quiz show activity so Caleb could practice “th” words within sentences. Customizations can include specific sounds, grade level vocabulary words, trivia types of questions (e.g. who or why), antonyms and synonyms, and much more.


While working on “th,” Bethany noticed Caleb stumble on the “sk” sound. Here she seamlessly uses tools on PresenceLearning including a stamp and a whiteboard marker for some impromptu practice on “sk.”


Watch Ben Learn the “S” Sound with his SLP, Jennifer

Meet Ben and his SLP, Jennifer. With live online speech therapy from PresenceLearning, Jennifer can conduct 1-to-1 speech therapy sessions with Ben. This video session shows Ben and his SLP, Jennifer, going over a lesson in articulation. Not only are sessions interactive but Jennifer is able to focus on Ben to make sure he says each word correctly.



Hector Gets Online Speech Therapy

Hector was very late to develop speech and language skills. In this speech therapy session he is working on noun-is-verbing sentences and increasing his length of utterance.



Two Students Do Online Occupational Therapy with Elizabeth

Delivering occupational therapy online is nearly the same as it is onsite, employing the same clinical judgement, therapy and consultation. Depending on the type of therapy required, schools or families may also need to have common manipulatives such as paper, pencils, Play-doh, coins and balls near the computer to use during therapy sessions. Here, Elizabeth, a PresenceLearning OT, works with two girls on a variety of skills including motor planning, sequencing, letter formation, handwriting, daily living skills and more.


Seven-year-old Nina gets her whole body moving with a dance designed to build motor planning, sequencing and sensory processing skills.


Play-Doh is one of Nina’s favorite things about OT. Here her OT, Elizabeth, has Nina hide pennies in Play-Doh to help strengthen her fingers.


Using a worksheet in PresenceLearning, Elizabeth reviews the steps in making a lowercase “a” with Nina, working on letter formation and mouse manipulation.


11-year-old Noel gets ready for her online OT session with an exercise to strengthen her thumb and ultimately achieve an efficient pencil grasp.


When Noel had trouble keeping numbers lined up while working on math problems, her OT, Elizabeth, showed her how to use graph paper to help with horizontal and vertical alignment.


Making change is a daily life skill. Noel gets some extra practice using different combinations of coins to make change.


Session Recap Between Elizabeth and Nina

Online SLPs and OTs can form strong bonds with their students, even while working hundreds of miles apart. They share successes, frustrations and lighter moments just as a therapist might onsite. In this video, online OT Elizabeth and her student discuss what they accomplished in their session.



Speech Language Pathology Telepractice Demonstration

Evidence-based practices seem like fun and games to this speech student.