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PresenceLearning provides your students with access to highly qualified speech therapists, occupational therapists and school counselors.

  • Anytime, anywhere delivery
  • Delivered 1:1 or in small groups
  • Pre–K through 12th grade students
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What are school administrators saying?

It’s a great service. It can absolutely work and we’ve seen great results. Students definitely make progress and it has lightened the loads for on-site SLPs. I wouldn’t hesitate to say it is highly recommended.

- Erika Bare | Special Education Teacher
Medford School District Office

I’ve been very impressed during our IEP meetings with the PresenceLearning SLPs—they’ve done great data collection and know the kids really well.

- Kristin Hirschmann |Special Services Program Director
WAVA (Washington Virtual Academies)


* Required

** Equipment required includes 1) PC or Mac equipped with a video camera; 2) Live Internet connection; 3) Headset with microphone (optional)