Online Behavior Interventions and Mental Health Services

PresenceLearning mental health professionals provide:

  • Pre-Referral Interventions (Tier II and Tier III behavior interventions)
  • Social/Emotional/Behavior Evaluations and Assessments
  • Functional Behavior Assessments and Behavior Intervention Plans
  • Direct services provided to student as prescribed on a BIP or an IEP

The benefits of live, online mental health services include:

Highest Quality Resources

Our fully licensed and credentialed professionals are highly trained certified special education teachers with EBD certification, board certified behavior analysts, master social workers, licensed mental health clinicians and school psychologists (all with your state’s requisite licenses and/or credentials). Our team helps fill the gap in your current program or multi-tiered support system, whether you need additional hands to lighten counseling caseloads, conduct behavioral assessments, or facilitate interventions allowing you to maximize your capacity.

Individualized Care

Student needs can vary widely. That’s why we match student needs with specialty area counselors when needed to ensure better care and better outcomes. What’s more, counselors have access to a library of evidenced-based therapeutic techniques, games and activities that they can pair by age, interest, and need.


We are able to accommodate the hours that work best for busy school schedules: during school hours, before and after school, or for check-in/check-out meetings. We can also work with students one-on-one or within small groups.

Privacy and Security

PresenceLearning maintains the highest levels of privacy and security in our online therapy platform, complies with HIPAA and FERPA privacy regulations. Online services maintain the same code of conduct and confidentiality practices as those on the ground.

Highly Engaging and Effective

A growing body of research shows the effectiveness of online counseling. Among children and teens, results are even better. Very comfortable with technology, many students report a higher level of comfort with an online counselor.

Better Scheduling, Tracking, Reporting, and Auditing

Our integrated set of tools streamlines these essential functions.