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Looking for a Career as an Online Occupational Therapist?

Join the leading teletherapy network and take back control of your career and life.

Occupational Therapist Jobs: Why Presence?

Join the leading teletherapy network and take back control of your career and life! Presence provides exceptional, high-quality, and innovative teletherapy tools and services for preK-12 students with special needs to help them grow and thrive. We connect you with schools who need your services and provide you with our award-winning therapy platform to deliver personalized, engaging therapy experiences for students. We also provide you with live support and ongoing opportunities for professional learning to effectively deliver services in the online environment.

Work as a Licensed Occupational Therapist

Working as an online occupational therapist offers you a powerful career choice—you’ll work when you want and how much you want; you’ll practice at the top of your license on our platform that gives you exclusive access to our digital content library of assessments, interactive games, and other clinically curated activities. You’ll serve a broad diversity of students, all within a supportive community of professional colleagues.

We’ve seen how technology can play a key role in the expansion of equity and access in education. In an on-the-ground career, you’re constrained by geography and limited opportunity in the range of students you can serve. A career in teletherapy can expand your professional experience.

Take a look at our clinicians FAQ and our clinician blog featuring Five Reasons for a Teletherapy Career along with spotlight interviews with our providers

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Teletherapy does open up a lot more learning opportunities, not just for the child but for the caregiving team.

Stacey Cadden
Occupational Therapist

Occupational Therapist Job Qualifications

We’re actively seeking Occupational Therapists for the Presence network.

Occupational Therapists in the Presence network provide a range of services for students that includes direct therapy services as indicated by a student’s IEP or 504 plan and work to determine a student’s special education eligibility as part of an educational team. They provide timely documentation of therapy sessions, create and/or update IEPs, and complete comprehensive evaluation and progress reports as required by state and district regulations and processes. They also provide case management services as required by the school district(s), including scheduling, preparing for, and conducting IEP meetings.

Why Join the Presence Network?

When you join the Presence network, you join an organization that is leading the way in teletherapy. Since our founding in 2009, Presence has delivered more than 5,000,000 therapy sessions. Experience the Leading Edge. Here’s what sets Presence apart:

A teletherapy career with Presence lets you work when, where, and how you want.

  • Work from home according to your schedule and needs.
  • Personalize learning for each student with our exclusive, ever-growing library of interactive games and activities to increase engagement.
  • Conduct evaluations with ease using our digitized assessments from top publishers like Riverside, Pearson, and more.
  • Spend more time on therapy with our simplified data collection and progress monitoring.
  • Eliminate drive time between sessions and spend more quality time with your students and your family and friends.
  • More schools partner with us—which means we have more opportunities for you—and a variety of schedule options to meet your needs.

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A teletherapy career with Presence lets you work when, where, and how you want.

Community of Support

When you join the Presence network, you tap into the wisdom, knowledge, and experience of our active, online community of 2,200+ clinicians—whenever you need it. You’ll have the opportunity to network with other speech-language pathologists so you can practice online therapy techniques and become familiar with the therapy tools available through our therapy platform. Here’s what one provider has to say about the Presence network:

Kaitlin Hurley
It’s super nice to have connections with all the therapists in The Lounge—you can follow different threads. You can share what you’re doing with a student and ask for any suggestions. This opens up so much opportunity and learning for us as therapists to have so many people to collaborate with whereas if you’re just at a school, you might have maybe one or two other [clinicians] if you’re lucky, unless you’re at a big district. I’ve really appreciated that.

Kaitlin Hurley

Join our network as an Online Occupational Therapist!

Join our network as an Online Occupational Therapist!

Join our network as an Online Occupational Therapist!

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Expand your career. Work from anywhere.

Expand your career. Work from anywhere.

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