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Parent Resource Center

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Welcome to the PresenceLearning Parent Resource Center! As you get started with PresenceLearning, please complete steps 1-3 below to get ready for your child’s online therapy services.

  1. Watch the Welcome Video
  2. Complete a Tech Check
  3. Review the Getting Started Guide
Get started with PresenceLearning

1. Watch the Welcome Video

2. Complete a Tech Check

Make sure your computer works with PresenceLearning

Tech Check is designed to test various hardware, software, and network capabilities. It’s important to complete all steps in the Tech Check process using the same computer you will use to access PresenceLearning.


3. Review the Getting Started Guide

This guide is available in multiple languages.





What comes next?

Your student’s clinician will contact you to set up a therapy schedule and give you the link to their PresenceLearning therapy room.

Hear from Presence CEO Kate Eberle Walker

About Online Speech Therapy

About Online Occupational Therapy

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