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Practice in the U.S. Without Leaving Canada

Communication is tricky no matter what country you live in. Help US students right from your Canadian home.

We’re looking for experienced speech-language pathologists to ensure every child gets the services they deserve. We now offer opportunities for Canadian SLPs to work for Presence right from their very own homes or offices. Say goodbye to your commute, and discover how to expand your career with U.S. work without leaving Canada.

Presence Supports You Every Step of the Way

What you do matters. Discover Presence.

Sylvia Freire
The Presence Lounge is a really good community. When I have questions about a particular student’s needs, or about working in a new state, I can ask my questions there. The Presence provider network makes you more knowledgeable. You know that someone is always there to respond to your questions with creative ideas.

Sylvia Freire
Speech-Language Pathologist

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What you do matters. Discover Presence.

Why Presence?

FAQs for Canadian Speech-Language Pathologists

How does online therapy work?

Presence clinicians work with students and their support team—teachers, paraprofessionals or classroom aides, interventionists, parents, and other caregivers—via live video conferencing using the same techniques as traditional onsite services.

Our modern therapy platform was designed specifically to deliver online therapy services. It includes integrated audio and video for high fidelity, live interactions; provides clinicians with access to a large online library of integrated therapy and assessment content; and features scheduling and progress monitoring tools.

What support does Presence offer clinicians?

New clinicians are taught how to use the tools in our platform through an online comprehensive orientation called Telehealth Institute. In addition, we provide targeted clinical support for SLPs who either may not have previously worked in a school setting, or who are unfamiliar with US-based school services. You also have the opportunity to network with other speech-language pathologists so you can practice online therapy techniques and become familiar with the therapy tools available through the platform. You can tap into the knowledge and experience of our active, online community of nearly 2,200+ clinicians—whenever you need it.

How do remote clinicians communicate with teachers, parents, and district staff?

As an SLP working for Presence, you will be responsible for the full scope of work as a school-based clinician. We encourage close collaboration between Presence clinicians, teachers, resources professionals, administrators, and parents. Clinicians participate in all IEP team meetings via phone or videoconferencing.

Can I still work another job while working with Presence?

If you are an independent contractor in our network, you are free to have another job. Many of our clinicians work part-time serving private clients while working with Presence.

How do I become ASHA certified?

Our Presence team will support you through the process of becoming ASHA certified. At this point, we require either active ASHA CCCs or proof of passing the CETP exam (this meets ASHA Praxis exam requirement).

I do not have my ASHA Certificate of Clinical Competence. Can I be reimbursed for getting this?

Upon submission of the proof of approved Certificate of Clinical Competence (CCC), Presence will provide a $511 incentive (full cost of CCC application) for Canadian providers.

Can I be reimbursed for getting a US state license?

Presence will provide an incentive for cross licensure into a recommended state.

Will I be paid in US dollars for my work?

Yes, you will be paid in US dollars. You will be required to submit documentation for direct deposit. Most Canadian banks will allow you to open a cross-border bank account for a nominal fee.

Expand your career. Work from anywhere.

Expand your career. Work from anywhere.

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