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Solving a staffing gap in Texas

Codi Kadlecek

I realized Presence could solve our problems. I wanted to start right away.

Codi Kadlecek
Director of Elementary Education and Special Services at McDade ISD


The statewide shortage of therapists, in addition to the district’s geographic location and budgetary constraints, made it difficult for McDade ISD to attract the qualified staff needed to provide psychoeducational assessment to its students. Administering the number of assessments needed to support students and stay compliant was becoming an increasingly difficult task for the district’s small on-site staff.


McDade ISD partnered with Presence in the summer leading into the 2019-20 school year after being introduced to the company at a state conference. A quick and successful implementation of psychoeducational services led to the district adding occupational therapy (OT) services this same year.


Through its collaborative partnership with Presence, the district is able to stay focused on providing timely evaluations to support students in getting needed services, as well as delivering effective, high-quality OT.

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