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Expanding access in rural Virginia

Ellen Biller

We were apprehensive at first, but we did a lot of the training and the Presence team was great about making sure we had the right equipment. Our skepticism for using an online platform to serve students quickly turned into appreciation.

Ellen Biller
Director of Special Education for Page County Public Schools


Like many schools across the country, Page County Public Schools faced a growing need among students for psychoeducational services. If a child’s mental health is suffering, all of their other experiences in and out of school can suffer too. The district only had three school psychologists on staff, which amounts to one school psychologist per a thousand students. They also needed to provide their school-based team with professional learning in delivering services in a virtual environment, especially in speech and occupational therapy.


Presence’s Therapy Essentials professional program helped teach the district’s school-based team how to effectively deliver services through teletherapy. In addition, a school psychologist in the Presence network helped round out their school team; she is using the Presence platform to administer a significant portion of their psychoeducational assessments remotely.


The school system is identifying student needs efficiently and keeping up with the increased volume. Brittany, the talented and dedicated school psychologist in Presence’s network of online providers, is a star of the story. Looking ahead, Page County may well lean on Presence for direct therapy to support students, in addition to ongoing assessment support.

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