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Expanding access to counseling in Texas

Dr. Michael Webb

Students’ cries for help often manifest as misbehavior, so our district focuses on restorative practices that get to the root of their problems.

Dr. Michael Webb
Assistant Superintendent of Student Support at Tomball ISD


After seeing an increase in the number of at-risk students in both the general and special education populations, Tomball ISD wanted to provide six-week long counseling services as part of the district’s whole child initiative designed to support students’ mental well-being and development of social and emotional learning (SEL) skills.


Using federal Title IV funding, Tomball ISD partnered with Presence starting in the 2018-19 school year to provide online counseling services to students it identified as being in need of Tier 2 interventions. Presence’s certified school psychologists support nearly 100 students on average as part of this program.


Presence has provided students with access to needed services to support SEL. The use of online counseling, which is one component of the district’s comprehensive Behavioral Health System of Care, has in part contributed to a significant decrease in the percentage of in- and out-of-school suspensions, among other important benefits.

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