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Tele-Assessment: What You Need to Know

, Primary Category: Strategies, Innovations, and Interventions


  • Headshot of Stephanie Taylor

    Stephanie Taylor

    Ed.S, NCSP, Clinical Director, Psychoeducational Services
  • Headshot of A. Jordan Wright

    A. Jordan Wright

    A. Jordan Wright
  • Headshot of Kate Eberle Walker

    Kate Eberle Walker

    CEO PresenceLearning

With extended school closures in place, schools nationwide are grappling with questions about conducting eligibility assessments:

  • Should assessment be attempted in the home environment?
  • How can schools best continue serving students in need of evaluation for special education related services?
  • Can needed evaluations be conducted remotely without compromising validity?
  • Which assessments and circumstances are appropriate for remote administration?

Experts in the remote administration of psychological assessments, Dr. A. Jordan Wright, ABAP, and Stephanie Taylor, Ed.S, NCSP, Clinical Director for Psychoeducational Services, and Nikki Johnsrud, Program Coordinator for WilMac Multi-District Special Education Unit, break down the key information you need to know.

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